Sunday, October 2, 2011

Observations on Bates FSA Photographers

I've always loved looking at other people's photos of places that I myself have been. There is something so fascinating about seeing a familiar scene through someone else's eyes; each of us makes different choices in angles and framing, notices different details, and just generally sees the world in our own unique way.

Because of these differences in photographic observations and choices, I also love to watch other people take photos. In the moment that their shutter closes, I have the opportunity to see what they see, to experience the world as they do. I tend to always have a camera in my hand, and since I photograph whatever I see, it follows that I would have a lot of photos of people taking photos. I am compiling them here, so that you may all get a behind-the-scenes look at our experiences here in Nantes.

Professor Read snaps a group photo in Clisson

Emma in Clisson

Josh photographs skywards in Clisson while others look on

Ciara takes a photo of the château in Clisson while chatting with Lila and Jordan

Leena spots a classically-French house in Clisson

Maddy in Clisson

Maud at the beach in La Baule

Max shoots the challah that he, Mikayla, Professor Read, and I made last Wednesday for Rosh Hashanah

Orion in Vannes

Leena, Daniela, and Kathy photograph the entrance to the old city in Vannes

Professor Read photographs a cat in a Vannes window

Leena keeps her sunglasses from falling while shooting some flowers in Carnac 

Nathalie and Maud look out on some houses on Belle Île

While everyone else studies a large menhir, Max and Maud spot something photo-worthy in the other direction

Andrew gets a closeup of a menhir

Emma takes Maud's photo in front of the Aiguilles de Port Coton on Belle Île

-- Ebbe Sweet

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